Honouring Legacies

When arranging a funeral with us, your loved one will be honoured by our services, and the seeds of their legacy will continue to spread and grow through new acts of love and kindness that will bring hope to the hearts of those whom they never even met. As a family member, you can choose where this real contribution will be directed, and how their legacy will live on and change the future of so many.

Our quarterly financial contributions are made within three areas:


Close to home, we contribute to programs that provide meals, coaching, counselling and mentoring support to disadvantaged groups in our local communities.

In order to help ease the financial hardship endured by families in Queensland, we support Lighthouse Care’s food program, which provides shopping trolleys of food at an affordable price. We also work with the Logan House Fire Support Network in their endeavour to deliver immediate assistance to victims of house fires.

In Victoria, we support CityLife Cafe. Amongst other essential services, they offer professional training and thousands of meals each year to the Frankston community. We also help Crossway LifeCare, a church based organisation which looks after people in need throughout the Eastern Suburbs of Melbourne.

Humanitarian Work

We join forces with accredited humanitarian aid agencies to help advance the quality of child education and improve health and wellbeing of underprivileged families around the world.

Amongst other projects, we are a proud supporter of Compassion Child Sponsorship’s work with kids in developing countries.

Mission Work

We support Christian mission organisations that implement health, literacy and Bible translation programs in Australia and overseas.

An example of that is one of Wycliffe’s projects in South Asia. The families who have chosen to support this project are funding a program to improve health and provide multilingual literacy training to aid the social development of the local community.