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Online – funeral live streaming

Funeral live streaming

Choosing when to hold the service is often one of the hardest parts of arranging a funeral. You want to make sure everyone can be there, but sometimes life gets in the way and loved ones can’t attend in person.

To make sure nobody misses out on saying their goodbyes, Logan has teamed up with OneRoom to offer a secure and private option for webcasting the service for friends and family who can’t be there. We offer this service at our on-site chapel and may be able to arrange it at other sites, for an additional cost.

What is webcasting?

When the service begins, discreetly placed cameras capture the whole event and send it securely to the internet. Guests can watch it in real-time, and it’s also recorded for later viewing. All that’s needed is an internet connection, a device that plays videos, and the email invite or web link.

How to webcast a funeral

1. Pick a date for the funeral

Your funeral director will help you choose a date and schedule the webcast to start automatically at the right time.

2. Share the webcast link

Your funeral director will put the web link on the Logan Funerals’ website for easy access. If you want to keep it private, they’ll give you a link to share.

3. Watch the funeral live

Once the service starts, the cameras will start rolling so anyone with the link can see what’s happening.

4. Watch it again

You can access the recording using the same email invite and watch it as many times as you like. You can even download it to your computer if you want to keep a copy.

Webcasting is available at the Logan Funerals’ on-site chapel. If you plan to have the service at another location, please speak with our team about your options.