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How Do I Avoid an Expensive Funeral?

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Until we need to arrange a funeral for a family member or friend, most of us don’t know how much a funeral will cost. The cost of a funeral really does depend on the sort of event you want to create. Always remember, you are in control of the budget and, it is possible to plan a special celebration, without breaking the bank.

We believe that funerals are important and that preparing a meaningful farewell can significantly benefit your own emotional well being by helping you to process your grief. If you feel strongly about arranging a meaningful funeral for your loved one, avoid settling for the cheapest option, discuss the celebration with our Funeral Directors who can look for various ways to arrange a funeral that meets your needs and budget.

What is the most expensive type of funeral?

Choosing to have a traditional burial is the most expensive funeral option. To have a traditional burial you would need to budget for purchasing a coffin, paying for a burial plot which would need a vault or headstone, and then there would be the ongoing cemetery fees required to maintain the gravesite.

It is true that having a burial can become expensive. But, it is important for you to remember that most funeral directors will provide funeral choices to suit all sorts of budgets.

For many families, the decision regarding the choice between having a cremation or a burial will be made because of cultural and religious beliefs.  No one should feel that a wish for a burial is impossible to achieve.

For further information regarding burial services refer to our article: How do I plan a funeral?

What about cremation?

In modern day Australia, cremation funerals are more common than traditional burial funerals. This is partly due to the fact that having a cremation, instead of a burial, is one way to reduce the cost of a funeral.

A cremation funeral is cheaper than a burial funeral. Some families treasure the opportunity cremation provides for scattering the ashes of their loved one in a special place. Others like to preserve a portion of the ashes in wearable jewellery and keep the memory of their loved one close to their heart.

How much do coffins and caskets cost?

A coffin or casket is required for both burial and cremation funerals. Coffins and caskets come in all different sorts of materials and finishes. You can choose from eco-friendly options, solid timber styles, custom-made wooden coffins and metal creations.

For many families, the coffin or casket can be the most expensive item purchased for the funeral but it is important not to become too concerned about the price. The range of coffins and caskets is vast, so it should not prove difficult to find an option that will suit your budget.

How can I reduce the cost of a funeral?

It is true that funeral flowers can be costly. To reduce your spending on floral tributes it might be nice to ask family and friends to bring flowers from their own gardens, these can be used as decoration during the service.

To save on the cost of catering you could ask your close friends to bring a cake or a plate of sandwiches to share after the funeral, or at the wake.

Think about your own contacts. Do you have a friend who could print the order of service booklets cheaply? Do you know anyone who could help you find cost price beverages or catering?

Can I pre-pay for my own funeral?

You certainly can pre-pay for your own funeral. This means your family won’t be left to carry the cost of your funeral. It is possible to pre-pay for your funeral in full, or pay in smaller instalments over time.

You can even plan all the little details of your funeral if you wish. You can choose your own casket, flowers and music or, you can leave these sorts of details up to your family and friends to decide when the time comes.

The big benefit of arranging a Logan Prepaid Funeral Plan is that all your funeral costs will be locked-in at today’s prices. This will protect your family from future cost increases.

If you are unsure about how to budget for a funeral, please consult our Funeral Planning Guide. It is a good place to start and includes lots of advice to help you get your funeral planning started.