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Looking for a funeral company in Kingston? No need to look any further than Logan

There are so many positives that come with planning a funeral service in your local area. Firstly, it can it be so much more convenient during the planning stages and while attending the funeral itself. Secondly, it can be a lovely way to strengthen ties with your local community.

With over 35 years’ experience as the expert funeral providers in Kingston, Logan Funerals have the local knowledge and contacts to help you create a true celebration of life that honours your loved one’s legacy.

“Bruce and his staff were so professional, understanding and always mindful of our wishes. Even though we were facing an unfamiliar situation, they guided us through it all with ease.” – Kirrie H

Most people who come to us have never planned a funeral before; often they don’t know what to expect, what is going to happen or what needs to be done. It’s always our goal to make the experience as seamless as possible. We’ll work with you, going over all the options at every stage of the planning. We also take on much of the official admin processes, liaising with all relevant organisations on your behalf.

“They were both there the whole way through, offering me reassurance that everything would be ok. It was all perfect. I can’t thank the two of them enough.” – Kirrie H

Our dedicated team will take the time to really get to know your family and make sure your memorial service really reflects your wishes. From live music during the ceremony through to serving traditional cuisine at the gathering afterwards, nothing is too much trouble when it comes to helping you make your funeral service extra special.

“The caring and support didn’t just end with the service itself. The Logan staff checked in with us to see how we were going. That was so appreciated.” – Kirrie H

Our care team will contact you in the days and weeks after your service, to touch base and see how you are travelling on your grief journey. If you do feel that you need a little extra support, we can guide you towards options from counselling through to reading materials and resources that can help you with your specific needs.

As a leading funeral provider in Kingston, our expert staff are ready to take your call at any time, offering helpful guidance and advice on anything you may need, from selecting funeral poems and readings through to writing a eulogy.

For a funeral company in Kingston with the local knowledge and understanding to give you peace of mind and helpful advice, call Logan Funerals (07) 3341 4111

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