When A Death Occurs

When a death occurs at home

Following an unexpected death at home, it is advisable to phone the ambulance service. They will attend to verify the death and provide an Extinction of Life Certificate.
If the death has been expected, phone your family doctor (or the palliative care service if the deceased was under their care). The doctor or other suitably qualified medical practitioner will attend to verify the death and provide an Extinction of Life Certificate. If your doctor is unavailable then contact their locum service (the phone number is usually available on the medical clinic’s after hours phone service).

Once an ambulance or the medical practitioner has attended and you have the Extinction of Life Certificate in hand, you may then phone Logan Funerals and we will make arrangements to bring the deceased person into our care.

Logan Funerals will liaise with the deceased’s doctor to obtain a Cause of Death Certificate. Funeral services cannot take place without this Certificate.

When a death occurs in a hospital or nursing home

When a death occurs in a hospital or nursing home, the staff will make the necessary arrangements for a doctor to attend.

If you have provided the nursing home with details for Logan Funerals, they will contact us to arrange for transfer of the deceased into our care.

If the family details are not known to us, we will obtain the information from the facility and be in contact with the next of kin.

When the Coroner is involved

Where death has occurred suddenly as a result of an accident, homicide, suicide or other unexpected circumstance or if the doctor is unsure as to the cause of death, the case will be referred to the State Coroner.

Upon completion of the coronial investigation, Logan Funerals will liaise with the Coroner to make arrangements to bring the deceased person into our care.

Death Certificate

The Cause of Death Certificate is the official registration of a death and is signed by the doctor who pronounced the death.

Following the funeral, the death is registered and Cause of Death Certificate lodged with the relevant Registry of Births, Deaths and Marriages in the State or Territory where the deceased passed away. This process will produce the official Death Certificate which is posted directly to the next of kin and may take up to a couple of weeks.

Arranging a Funeral

When a loved one has died we understand it can be an emotional time. Our team will work closely with you and your family to guide you through the steps which need to be taken to plan the funeral.

Following are the two key areas to manage when arranging a funeral:

  1. Administration Details – we will gather the information required to register the death and complete the relevant burial or cremation documentation.
  2. Funeral Service – we will consult with you to consider the various options available, ensuring the service is a fitting and memorable tribute to the life of the deceased. At the conclusion of the arrangement, a fully itemised Statement of Funeral Costs will be provided as a record.

Our staff has the experience, expertise and empathy necessary to guide you through this time and help you remember and truly celebrate a life lived, while giving you and your family the time and space you need to grieve.

The funeral service can be held at the church or chapel of your choice. Alternatively, Janai Chapel located at Logan Funerals is comfortably furnished, equipped with multimedia presentation facilities and designed to seat up to 90 people. If desired, refreshments can be provided following your service.

Whether you want to have a viewing

A viewing is a deeply personal decision and a number of factors may need to be considered before the choice is made. For some, a viewing can be a very special and healing experience; however family members should not feel compelled to view unless they feel quite comfortable. In order to avoid future regrets it is important to carefully consider the matter, regardless of which choice is made. Your Funeral Consultant in Brisbane is available to discuss this matter with those who are unsure as to what might be appropriate for them.

Funeral Planning Guide

This guide has been designed to assist you through the steps of planning a funeral.


We understand that every family, culture, denomination and faith holds different customs and unique funeral traditions. We are happy to accommodate a wide range of wishes to best honour your loved one.



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