Preplanning A funeral in Brisbane

Preplanning and prepaying for some aspects of a funeral service is no different to writing a will. With these plans in place, you are thoughtfully providing for your family so that when the time comes, they can focus completely on honouring and celebrating your life.

Our Funeral Directors are available to meet with you to listen to your thoughts and wishes, as well as provide information about how to best put in place a plan. They will also talk with you about cremation and burial options and how these costs can be prepaid at today’s prices.

Funeral Plans – Record your preferences with our Personal Profile

To help with funeral planning, we have prepared a free Personal Profile Record. This short document will help you express your preferences about your funeral plan and help ease the burden on your family.

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Pre-planning A Funeral FAQs

Is it difficult to preplan a funeral?

No, the process of preplanning a funeral is quick and simple, with no excessive paperwork or health checks required. To get started, simply visit one of our beautiful funeral homes located around Brisbane or give us a call on (07) 3341 4111.

Our friendly and professional team members will walk you through each step of the funeral planning process. They will endeavour to answer any questions you may have to ensure you have the necessary information to preplan a funeral service.

To help with your planning, simply download and complete our free Personal Profile Record. You can simply store this in a safe place, or speak to a member of our friendly team at Logan Funerals to finalise your funeral plan with us.

How do I pay for a preplanned funeral?

Logan Funerals recommended option for prepaying a funeral is through a securely invested Funeral Bond. The Funeral Director will provide you with an idea of what a Funeral Service can cost so that you can consider how much you might wish to invest.

A Funeral Bond payment can be made in one lump sum, or if you prefer, payment by instalments is possible. Payments can be debited directly from a bank account of your choosing.

Your Funeral Director will discuss Cemetery and Crematorium costs and advise you how these items can be prepaid as part of your funeral planning.

What is a Funeral Bond?

Funeral bonds are managed investments that earn interest. The purpose of a funeral bond is to help cover funeral expenses; the money can only be withdrawn after your death to pay for your funeral.

When the time comes, if the bond is worth more than the cost of your funeral, the extra money will be transferred back to your estate. If on the other hand, your bond does not pay the full cost of the funeral, your family will have to cover the extra amount.

Funeral bonds provide for your family as money has already been set aside which means that they will not have raise funds for a funeral at relatively short notice.

Centrelink will generally not count any money paid into a funeral bond for up to $14,000 (as at Sept 2022) towards the assets and incomes test for pensioner payments. This can allow you to maximise any Centrelink benefits. Please check with the Department of Human Services to confirm the latest information and your eligibility for a benefit.

How does preplanning a funeral help my family?

Once you have preplanned your funeral service with Logan Funerals you can relax. You now have peace of mind; you have made financial provision for and laid the foundations of your funeral. The plan you have put in place will assist your family in preparing for a special celebration of your life.

What is the difference between a funeral bond and funeral insurance?

A Funeral Bond earns interest over the life of the deposit. Any money from the investment that is not needed to cover the cost of the funeral will be returned to your estate. If the Funeral Bond does not cover all of the funeral costs your family will pay this extra amount.

A Funeral Bond may also help you to maximise any Centrelink benefits, as up to $14,000 (as of Sept 2022) will not be counted as an assessable asset in any means testing.

With funeral insurance, you pay either fixed or increasing premiums for as long as you wish to be covered for the costs of your funeral. Because you need to continue to pay to be covered, it’s possible you may end up paying more in premiums than the value of the funeral itself.

Where will the money for my funeral bond be held?

We transfer all money you pay to us for your Funeral Bond into an authorised and independent deposit taking institute (such as a friendly society or investment manager).

Once the funds are received and processed by the independent institution, documentation will be provided to you for your records.


What happens if Logan goes out of business?

We’ve been helping thousands of families feel secure and cared for during their time of loss for over 35 years. So while extremely unlikely, if we were to go out of business, your money is protected and will not be lost.

Your money is held in an independent deposit taking institution; therefore, you are able to simply transfer your Funeral Bond to another funeral director of your choice.

What happens if I want to make changes to my funeral arrangements after my preplanning is in place

One of the advantages of a Funeral Bond is that you have made financial provision for your funeral. This enables your family to be able to focus on creating a service which celebrates you. We know that circumstances and preferences change, and a Funeral Bond allows for this flexibility, which means that a memorable service will be created no matter where or when it may be needed.

What happens if I move interstate?

If you move to another State or Territory and choose another funeral director who is happy to perform your funeral as planned, we can simply re assign your Funeral Bond. The Funeral Bond is in your name and these funds can only be paid toward the cost of your funeral or back into your estate.

What happens if death occurs interstate or overseas?

If death occurs while you’re outside the service area of your selected funeral director, we can arrange for your body to be transported back to a Logan funeral home. However, this will incur additional transport fees.

If you are travelling overseas and have taken out travel insurance, you may have, ‘repatriation of the body of the deceased’ coverage. If so, this can normally be used to help pay for any transport costs.

Do you need some help planning your next funeral?

Our friendly team is there to answer your questions and help you with your funeral planning and preparation needs.

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