We understand the challenges that come with the loss of a loved one. Therefore, we have specially created a range of resources to guide you through this time full of unknowns. Download our Funeral Planning Guide or visit our Hints & Advice page which is filled with helpful articles and videos about the steps to planning a funeral service, suggested readings to include during a life celebration, as well as ideas around what to wear to a funeral.


Beyond The Funeral Service

After the Funeral Service is done and life has started to return to what is now the new ‘normal’ we know you may find it hard and need someone to talk to.
The Care Team at Logan Funerals will give you a call during this time to see how you are travelling and whether they can assist in any way.

We will listen, support and assist you to find the options and choices available. Our networks are extensive, allowing us to guide you and your family to the right people and resources that will meet your specific needs. At your request, we can also facilitate professional counselling or other support services.

If you would like to talk with someone about managing on your grief journey, please do give us a call:

07 3341 9133
Monday – Friday, 9am – 5pm

You may also find it helpful to look through our resource on grief. This brief guide details some of the things you might experience in your grief journey.
This is a free PDF download for you to view on your computer, tablet or smart-phone.

The Grief Journey

Grieving is a journey and our guide can help to ease the steps along the way.

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