Cremation FAQs

Despite its growing popularity there are still a number of questions surrounding cremation.

What clothing to wear to a funeral | Video

Attending a funeral and unsure of the appropriate clothes to wear? Watch our helpful video.

Funeral Etiquette Tips | Video

Many questions arise when you are attending a funeral for the first time such as what time to arrive? Or do you bring a gift? Watch our helpful video that answers many common questions.

Writing a Eulogy | Video

Writing the life story of a loved one is a great honour. It can be nerve racking preparing and presenting a eulogy. Watch our helpful video to ensure you are prepared.

Funeral Planning | Video

We understand the difficulty in organising a funeral for a loved one, so we have prepared funeral planning How Tos. Watch our helpful video with useful tips.

Creating a Funeral Tribute Video | Video

A great way to honour your loved one is by creating a funeral tribute video to play during or after the service. Watch our helpful video with useful tips.

Writing a Condolence Message | Video

Creating a tribute video for your loved one? Unsure of where to begin? Watch our helpful video.

What is Grief and Loss?

Grief is the natural and normal reaction to loss. There are many types of losses that we experience in our lives and we do not need to go through it alone.

What Should I Wear to a Funeral?

Black is the colour most people associate with funeral clothing. Discover ideas of what to wear to a funeral service.

Funeral Etiquette Tips: What you need to know

We often don’t know what to expect when attending a funeral, both during and after the service. Learn about etiquette tips.

Using Laughter in Grief

There is nothing funny about death, but laughter can assist with healing in times of grief.

How to create a funeral tribute video

Funeral tribute videos are a great way to share the memories and milestones that were important to your loved one.

Top 8 Tips for Eulogy Writing

Being asked to write a eulogy is a great honour. Learn how to write the life story for your loved one.

Funeral Poems and Readings

Meaningful poetry, memorable quotations, favourite song lyrics or comforting scripture are all appropriate choices for a funeral service.

How do I Avoid an Expensive Funeral?

The cost of a funeral depends on the sort of event you want to create. It is possible to plan a special celebration, without breaking the bank.

How Do I Plan a Funeral?

When it comes to planning a funeral, many people feel unsure of where to begin. We can help in the time of unknown.